About Us

Welcome to Dulles Logistics Services, your premier partner in optimizing the delivery of goods and products. With over 15 years of rich history, our commitment to exceptional customer service and logistics solutions extends to both local and international supply chain needs.

Established in 2020 in Virginia, our journey began with a mission to support local businesses during the global pandemic, addressing the logistical challenges that hindered growth. At Dulles Logistics Services, we excel in providing comprehensive logistics services to a diverse clientele, including government and private agencies.

Navigating the intricate landscape of supply chain management, we have emerged as a trusted ally for businesses seeking efficient and reliable delivery solutions. Our versatile fleet, ranging from small sedans to box trucks, caters to the distinct needs of businesses of all sizes.

Beyond supporting the private sector, we specialize in offering logistics services to government agencies, facilitating a seamless flow of goods and products across local and international boundaries.

In addition to our logistics expertise, Dulles Logistics Services is a leading provider of various procurement services. Whether you require assistance in sourcing, negotiating contracts, or managing supplier relationships, our team is dedicated to achieving procurement excellence.

At the core of our mission is your satisfaction. We understand the critical role logistics and procurement play in the success of businesses and government operations. By choosing Dulles Logistics Services, you opt for a partner dedicated to excellence in both local and international supply chains, as well as comprehensive procurement services.

Let us simplify the complexities of logistics and procurement for you, allowing you to focus on what matters most — the growth and success of your business or government agency. Your satisfaction remains not just our promise but our unwavering goal.

Contact Dulles Logistics Services today for top-tier logistics and procurement solutions that drive success in a dynamic marketplace.

Logistics is the biggest challenges facing the business world today

We Operate a Fleet Ranging From Small Sedan All the Way To Box Trucks We accept all type of payment Visa, Master, American express, PayPal