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Capability Statement

Moutaz Elzein CEO/ President

Office: 888.838.5537

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Company History

Dulles Logistics Services began in 2020 with a dedication to flawless timing and robust security, rapidly excelling as a key player in healthcare logistics and courier services, adeptly turning industry challenges into achievements with innovative and flexible solutions.

List Specific Codes:

  • DUNS: 117603760
  • UEI#: U96QWY3NGTF5
  • Accept Credit and Purchase Cards
  • NAICS (492110, 491110,541611,501599,488190,493190)
  • NIGP Code (96224,91880,96163,91896,96286,98106,96102)

Core Competencies

Dulles Logistics Services delivers with precision and reliability, our scalable operations excel in precision time deliveries and secure transport solutions. Specializing in healthcare logistics and mission support, we ensure every shipment meets stringent standards. Our expert consulting services further enhance operational effectiveness, making us the ideal partner for government and healthcare sectors.

  • Precision Timed Deliveries.
  • Scalable Logistics Operations.
  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Secure Transport Solutions.
  • Mission support.
  • Healthcare Logistics.
  • Administration Management and General Management Consulting Services.


We at Dulles Logistics:

  • Transform challenges into operational excellence.
  • Enhance security protocols by providing top-tier protection for sensitive shipments.
  • Convert logistical challenges into competitive advantages with our Strategic Consultancy.
  • Accommodate fluctuating demands with our Adaptive Capacity.
  • Specialize in the precise handling of critical medical supplies, demonstrating our leadership in Healthcare Logistics.
  • Ensure reliability at every turn with our precision-timed deliveries.
  • Receive 95% of repeatable business from existing clients.

Past Performance

SUBCONTRACTOR NIGHT & DAY LOGISTICS. Express delivery services for medical shipments. P.O.C John

Consultant Hashim INC. Administration Management and General Management Consulting. P.O.C Hashim Elmousaad

Absolut Merchant Delivery Services. P.O.C Jesse Velasco

45833 Debhill Ter Sterling, VA 20166, 888.838.5537,,